About us

Welcome to La Vague Vintage, where timeless elegance meets sustainable fashion. Founded in 2024 by Sagianna Krimi, La Vague Vintage is the culmination of a decade-long journey through the world of luxury retail. With a deep appreciation for fashion and a commitment to preserving the beauty of the past, Sagianna embarked on a mission to curate a collection of vintage clothing and accessories that blend classic style with a modern twist.

Our vision

Our vision is to bring you a carefully curated selection of handpicked vintage pieces that transcend trends and stand the test of time. Each item in our collection is a unique treasure, waiting to be rediscovered and cherished by a new generation of fashion enthusiasts.

sustainability matters

We are passionate about sustainability and the positive impact it can have on our planet. By embracing vintage fashion, we encourage a more conscious approach to style. Every purchase from La Vague Vintage is a step towards reducing the environmental footprint of the fashion industry. We are proud to play our part in promoting eco-friendly fashion choices.